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Outloud is dedicated to arts and cultural development for the youth of our area. Outloud Outloud Arts Centre; Arts and Culture

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Rameen Malik's spoken word performance

Outloud is an intersectional, CALD-focused social impact arts organisation that creates meaningful opportunities for young people in Western Sydney. Their award-winning projects address nationally relevant issues on a local level. They specialise in early-intervention harm-reduction that celebrates the strengths of socially-marginalised young people. Our projects bring together service providers and professional artists to create supportive platforms to help young people express and move through problems they are facing, while building a genuine community around themselves. They aim to build self-efficacy alongside social cohesion.

"We help young people create the future they want to see for themselves.

We work with schools as we believe that positive wellbeing and health starts with togetherness and belonging. When we care about each other we help each other and ourselves."


A few of their projects include:
RESPECT and UNITY - early intervention for violence against women through singing and songwriting. 
MUSLIM PEERS PROJECT - culturally specific support for young queer Muslims in Australia’s largest NO vote electorate in the marriage equality plebicite.
KOORI YOUTH FORUM - bringing together young Aboriginal students to learn language, culture and arts.
OPEN STUDIO - Online space for emerging & established artists to receive valuable feedback on their art projects from experienced artists.
MICRO-RESIDENCIES -  Micro-Residencies bring together Western Sydney artists to livestream their creative process while answering health & art-related questions for an online audience.

We are happy to have Outloud with us in Bankstown Arts Centre. Read more about their great work on their website below. 

​Photo: Tom Toby
​Photo: Tom Toby