Bankstown Biennale 2020

Bankstown Biennale 2020
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Bankstown Arts Centre Biennale

Bankstown Arts Centre asks artists to examine recent crises impacting us locally and globally, as an opportunity for transformative change. Bankstown Biennale opens on 10 October. 

Writers respond to Symbiosis

Bankstown Arts Centre has partnered with the Sydney Review of Books  to showcase the work of emerging Western Sydney writers as part of Symbiosis: Bankstown Biennale 2020.

​Nadia Hirst 'Arterials'Martyn Reyes 'Excuse Me, Tabi Tabi Po' ​Christine Lai 'Borrowed Time'

Beyond the Anthropocene


Meet the Artists

Mapping edges Square.png

Alexandra Crosby & Ilaria Vanni, University of Technology Sydney/Mapping Edges Research Studio

Mapping Edges research studio guides city dwellers to discover and connect to the ecologies in their local areas. We achieve this through the design and development of community engagement experiences and resources founded on our expertise in design, cultural history, ethnography, visual communication and education.

Instagram @ilariacaterina and @digitaljalanjalan

More of Alessandra and Ilaria's work can be seen here:

Photo: Supplied

Aliah Parker Square.png

​​Alia Parker is a Sydney-based textile designer and researcher investigating the liminal space of the body and it's clothes. Her work 'See you in the Symbioce​​ne,' introduces audiences to this proposed interspecies collectivity through microbial materials that are lively and actively unmaking textile waste.

Instagram @sporesgirl

More of Alia's work can be seen here:



Photo: Supplied

Alison and Boyd Square.png

Alison Clouston & Boyd- Musician, composer and sound artist Boyd and visual artist Alison Clouston have collaborated over many years to create immersive sound and sculpture installations, for galleries and alternative sites, both inside and out in
the landscape.​

Instagram: @alisonclouston

More of Alison and Boyd's work can be seen here:


 Photo: Supplied


Bonita Ely Square.png

Bonita Ely- is an inter disciplinary artist whose practice deploys forensic research, visual poetics, open narratives, image and text, often addressing socio-political and environmental issues - for the Bankstown Biennale, a journey down the Cooks River.  Living for twenty years near the river,  she is acutely aware of its anthropomorphised degradation from a pristine homeland and source of sustenance to a toxic  industrial /agricultural soup, a plastic polluted storm water drain, to a dearly loved riparian environment needing our care and restoration. 

More of Bonita's work can be seen here:


Photo: Bruno Panucci

Christine Lai Square.png Christine Lai is a writer, photographer and poet who has an avid fascination for observing the conventions of everyday life, and is invested in the space that language occupies in the relationships we form with others. She seeks to capture moments of liminal space, places where time seemingly stands still; the in-between.

Instagram: @christinbale




Photo: Supplied

Claire and Sean Square.png Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro- " Healy and Cordeiro’s practice reflects a preoccupation with the dynamics of global mobility—the networks, standards and financial systems that enable and restrict the movement of people and goods in the modern era."
- Anna Davis

Instagram @clairehealyandseancordeiro

More of Claire and Sean's work can be seen here

Shadow Places:



Photo: Saskia Wilson

Jason Wing Square.png


Jason Wing- Jason questions our ​understanding of history and of our current socio-political reality, Wing holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney.  Wing’s work is held in both private and public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra;. Wing's first monograph was published by Artspace 2014. He was recently selected in the Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, NSW, 2017.

You can find Jason on Instagram @jasonwing1


Photo: Alex Wisser

Joan Ross Square.png

​​Joan Ross- Joan Ross is an artist working across all art platforms, in particular video animation, print, sculpture and installation. Her work reconfigures the Colonial Australian Landscape, drawing specific attention to first contact and the complex issues surrounding this that still are evident in Australia today.
Instagram @wecallthisatree
More of Joan's work can be seen here:
Photo: Zan Wimberely

Lleah Smith Square Tile.png

Lleah Smith is a pedagogical practitioner. At the core of Leah's practice is a keen interest in collaboration and knowledge exchange where learning is the medium, the artwork and the education.

Instagram​ @​brilliantthrill​

More of Lleah's work can be seen here:




 Photo: Supplied


Machiko Square.png

​​​Machiko Motoi ​is a multimedia artist. Her work will use clay sourced from Bankstown to illustrate that the raw Earth, in its fragility, its strength and its possibilities.
Instagram @machiko_motoi





Photo: Supplied

Maddison Gibbs Square.png Maddison Gibbs- is a proud Barkindji woman and grew up in Dubbo, NSW. Her artworks are based on her culture, people and surroundings, they tell stories of past and present by using contemporary methods and ideologies. Her works include
political statements and educational information regarding Aboriginal issues.

Instagram @gibbsmaddie



Photo: Boomalli Artist Co-op


Martyn Reyes Square (1).png

Martyn Reyes is a Filipino-Australian writer, working on Gadigal land. He holds a BA in Communication (Journalism) from the University of Technology, Sydney. Martyn explores various intersections of identity in the form of creative nonfiction. His work can be found in SBS Voices, Peril Magazine, LIMINAL Magazine and more.




 Photo: Supplied


Nadia Hirst Square (1).png

Nadia Hirst is a Sydney-based writer whose work revolves around themes of historical revisionism and challenging dominant cultural narratives. She is currently studying International Studies and Journalism at the University of New South Wales, which has cultivated her interest in exploring the various intersections between academic theories and lived experiences. Her work has been published in Tharunka and Junkee.




Photo: Supplied

Nicole Monks Square.png

Nicole Monks-  is a trans-disciplinary artist of Yamatji Wajarri, Dutch and English heritage. Living and practicing in Redfern, Monks is informed by her cross-cultural identity and her work takes its focus from storytelling, as a way to connect the past with the present and future.

Instagram @Nicole_Monks 

More of Nicole's work can be seen here:


 Photo: Dan Boud

Sarah Anstee Square.png

Sarah Anstee is an aspiring visual artist from Western Sydney. Through interviews and charcoal drawings, Sarah's work will draw attention to individual efforts to address  the environment, local community and community practices. 

Instagram @saanstee

More of Sarah's work can be seen here:




Photo: Simon Bennett


Selina and Ale Headshot Square.png

​​Selina Springett is a sound and installation artist and lecturer at Macquarie University. Her work, along with Alessandro, will playfully transform the Incubate Artists Studios by planting and growing seedlings.​ The project hopes to communicate in a humorous and playful way, the importance of how precious plants are to our survival and let people slow down and appreciate plant life
Alessandro Berini is an art installer and curator. His work is often in collaboration with Selina Springett, under the moniker Atelier 23.

Instagram @berini_springett
Photo: Damian Shaw

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