Lockdown Locals/Seeking Colour

Lockdown Locals/Seeking Colour

 Lockdown Locals - Cara O’Dowd / Seeking Colour - Dania Shahkhan

8 December 2022 – 18 February 2023

Two local artists, Cara O’Dowd and Dania Shahkhan,explore moments of joy and kindness in a time of uncertainty during the 2021 Sydney COVID-19 lockdown.

About the artists:

​Cara O’Dowd is a Sydney based commercial fashion and portrait photographer. Having a press photographer grandfather, the medium runs through her veins. O’Dowd is passionate about blurring the lines between portraiture and landscape photography, scouting unique locations, often shooting in wide scale. More recently she has become known for her distinct portrait style. Her friendly down-to-earth nature helps sitters feel comfortable and calm, ensuring she gets the best out of them.

Dania Shahkhan is a visual artist, educator and researcher. Shahkhan has a keen interest in colour theory and applies this within her works, featuring interiors, windows and scenes from her daily life. Her current art practice focuses on moments of reflected thought, which bring a deeper understanding of our place in the world. She also has a fascination with the anatomy of hands and has explored this subject in mixed media drawings on paper.