Our Own Stories/Devotion

Our Own Stories/Devotion

 Devotion - Amani Haydar

March 11-April 22

Local artist and activist, Amani Haydar’s new exhibition Devotion speaks to spiritual devotion as well as devotion to art, literature, creativity, justice, family and community.

About Amani Haydar:

Amani Haydar is an artist, lawyer, writer, mum and advocate for women's health and safety based in Western Sydney. Amani's writing and illustrations have been published in ABC News Online and SBS Life and her self-portrait Insert Headline Here was a finalist in the 2018 Archibald Prize. Amani uses visual art and writing to explore the personal and political dimensions of abuse, loss, identity and resilience.


Our OWN Stories - Older Women's Network NSW

March 11-April 22

Migrant and refugee women telling stories through art. 

Set up as a ten-week workshop program in 2022 at Bankstown Arts Centre, 15 older women from refugee and migrant backgrounds were offered the opportunity to express themselves and tell their stories through art. These workshops were led by Archibald finalist, domestic and family violence survivor and local artist, Amani Haydar. 

About Older Women's Network NSW:

The Older Women’s Network New South Wales (OWN NSW) promotes the rights, dignity and wellbeing of older women. There are currently 17 groups operating across NSW and 7 wellness centres, including one in Bankstown. Groups organise a wide range of activities and advocate on issues of concern to older women according to the aims and objectives defined by the members.


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