Paula do Prado Kuña/Womxn

Paula do Prado Kuña/Womxn 11/05/2021
Paula do Prado Kuña/Womxn
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Paula do Prado- Kuña/Womxn


Kuña/kuñatai/kuñakarai is the Tupi-Guarani word for woman/womxn/young woman/senior woman.Paula finds herself reflecting on the various roles womxn embody within family and the community as carers, nurturers, defenders, advocates and role-models. This body of work reflects on the feminine, which does not necessarily mean female as we all carry both divine feminine and masculine qualities. Paula is interested in how the feminine holds both fierceness and softness, vulnerability and strength, representing infinite rebirth and sure endings. What does tending to the feminine within look and feel like? How do we acknowledge the beauty, the wisdom and the wounds?

Artist Bio:

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Paula do Prado is a visual artist living and working on Gadigal land. She was born on Charrúa land (Montevideo), Uruguay migrating to Australia in 1986. Her practice explores the intersections between her Bantu, Spanish, Portuguese and Indigenous South American ancestral heritage. She works predominantly with textiles to process and transform intergenerational experiences. As a woman of colour and a migrant living on stolen land, she is passionate about making as a form of remembering, connecting and resisting. do Prado holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Textiles) with First Class Honours and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of New South Wales Art & Design. She has held various solo and group shows in Australia and overseas.