Respiro | Breathe

Respiro | Breathe
Respiro|Breathe, exhibition by ceramacist Elsa Jara Cultural Cartography: Creating Art at the Intersection of Culture Arts and Culture; Exhibition; Arts Centre
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Respiro | Breathe

Artworks by Elsa Jara
20 November- 21 December

Where: Bankstown Arts Centre, Incubate Gallery

Using basic hand building techniques, Ceramicist Elsa Jara builds a personal collection between the viewer and the sculptures, connecting her Chilean culture to the clay. This body of work was produced during the recent lockdown, when Elsa’s life and working routine were compromised, threatened, and changed.

“Ollas de barro; like organic human vessels we are overflowing with feelings of hope, faith, life and love.” 

 Elsa Jara