Taboo 13/05/2023
BAC - Edition Three
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Upcoming Exhibition

Curated by Nancy Yu

Artists of diverse backgrounds investigate the concept of taboo through art and performance.

Prepare to think and be challenged with our new exhibition TABOO. This exhibition explores mental health, sexuality, the irrational, ageing and dementia, language and culture and more in glorious splashes of colour, sculpture and performance. What is taboo for one, may not be taboo for another…

Exhibition artists:

Allie Jonscher, Celine Cheung, Samuel Quinteros, Michael W Guwaali, Felix De Cēlo, NC Qin.

Join Bankstown Arts Centre for the launch of TABOO and an afternoon of artist talks and conversations.

Public Programs:

TABOO: Navigating acts of love - a talk on relationships and familial love
17 June

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Image credit: Celine Cheung, But You're Not Innocent, 2019.