1000 Books Before School

1000 Books Before School

1,000 Books Before School

Do you have a child aged 0-6?

Why not join Canterbury-Bankstown Libraries' 1,000 Books Before School program? This easy program is designed to encourage and support parents to read regularly with their child before they start school.

Did you know?

  • By reading just three books a day, children will be exposed to 1,000 books in one year.
  • By reading one book a day, children will be exposed to 1,000 books in just three years.
  • Research shows that reading aloud is the most important way to help a child prepare for reading and learning.
  • Regularly reading to your child has many benefits including:
    • Stronger parent/child bonds
    • School readiness
    • Increased vocabulary
    • Greater general knowledge
    • A positive attitude to reading and learning
  • Reading to your child in your first language will help to learn English as well. 

How it works

1. Register your child
Visit your local library to sign up either via the Reader Zone app or to collect a reading log. Your child will need their own library card to join and will receive a starter kit at registration.
2. Read
Every time you read a book in any language with your child, log the book either on the app or reading log. Books read at story time, home, playgroup and childcare can all be counted; so can eBooks or videos of books, including Story Box Library.
3. Visit and collect
After 100 books, visit the library for your very special library bag and your first badge. Then keep collecting badges for every 100 books read.
4. Finish!
The program finishes when your child starts school or reads 1,000 books, whichever comes first. When your child finishes the program, they can collect their certificate and prize pack and have their photo on the wall of fame.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How old does my child have to be to start the program?
Your child can begin any time before they turn six. You can even register your newborn baby!

How do I register for the program?
Visit your library to register and collect your free starter kit.

Does my child need a library card to join the program?
Yes. Getting a library card is FREE and simple.

Can I count the same book over and over?
Yes. Repetition is important for learning so record every time you re-read a favourite book.

Can I count books that are read to my child by other people or at programs like Story Time?
Yes. Every book that your child completes, or actively listens to, can be counted.

Do we have to read library books?
No. Any book that is read counts – whether it's a library book, your own book or a friend's book.

Can I count audiobooks?
As long as your child listens to the whole book, it counts.

Can I count books read to my child before I registered for the program?
No. Just start counting books from the moment you receive your first reading log.

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