Upcycle This

Upcycle This
Photo of random items ready for craft and upcycling
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Photo of random items ready for craft and upcycling

Upcycling Gives Old Items New Life!

Do you have old, worn out, or unused items at home? Don't throw them away! It's time to get creative and transform these things into usable items, or pieces of art.

Browse our ideas to see what you can create with old coat hangers, playing cards, t-shirts and lots more! Got any ideas of your own? Contact us and let us know--we might feature your idea on this page!


​Old Book Pages to Roses

Are you keeping dusty old novels  that you never plan to read again?  These paper roses, made from the pages of old books,  are perfect for home or party décor, as a unique and special gift to friends and much more.  Follow our simple instructions (pdf).

Website Upcycling book to flowers before.jpgWebsite Upcycling book to flowers after.jpg

​Old Glasses to Tealight Holders

Give your random old glasses a new purpose in life by upcycling them into tealight holders. Use your imagination to decorate them how you want-or check out our suggestions.


Website upcycling glasses to tea light holders before.jpgWebsite Upcycling glasses to tea light holders after.jpg

​Old Magazines to Pen Holder

Don't throw all those old magazines in the recycling--use them to create handsome pen holders. Follow our simple instructions (pdf).

Website Upcycle Pen Holder 1 resized 2.pngWebsite Upcycle Pen Holder 2.png

​T-shirt to Tote Bag

No sewing required! Follow our simple instructions (pdf) to give a  beloved t-shirt a new lease of life!

Cooling Rack to Display Frame

Rescue an old cooling rack  rattling around in your cupboard and give it pride of place on your wall. Follow our simple instructions (pdf)


​Coathanger to Garland

Too many wire coathangers 'hanging' around? Use them to create  stunning garlands--follow our simple instructions (pdf) and make one for every season.

Website coathanger to ribbon garland 1.pngWebsite Upcycle coathanger to ribbon garland 2.png

​Coathanger to Book Stand

Another great way to use all those wire coathangers-- follow our simple instructions (pdf) and reshape them into  book stands.


Website Upcycle Bookstand 1.pngWebsite Upcycle Bookstand 3.png

​Pot Base to Mini Garden

Transform an ugly old pot base into a stunning mini garden! Follow our simple instructions (pdf).

Website Upcycle Mini Garden 1.pngWebsite Upcycle Mini Garden 2.png

​Pack of Cards to Box

It's magic! Follow our simple instructions (pdf) and transform an old pack of cards into an intriguing trinket box.

Website Upcycle cards to box 2.png







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