NSW Government change to the business and industrial zones in the Bankstown LEP 2015 and Canterbury LEP 2012

In April 2023, the Department of Planning and Environment amended the Bankstown LEP 2015 and Canterbury LEP 2012 by removing the existing business and industrial zones from the Land Use Table.

What does this change mean for development applications and planning proposals?

Applicants will need to refer to the Land Use Table in the following historic versions, which remain in force:
• Bankstown LEP 2015 (1 December 2022 version): Click here
• Canterbury LEP 2012 (1 December 2022 version): Click here

Council has brought this issue to the Department’s attention and has requested for the existing business and industrial zones to be reinstated in the Land Use Table of the current versions. The Department is currently looking into this matter to see how to address this issue with further updates to be provided.

What does this change mean for planning certificates?

There is no change to the information required to be included on planning certificates. Planning certificates issued prior to 26 April 2023 remain valid and there is no requirement to re-apply for any recently issued planning certificates.

Why did the Department change the LEPs?

The Department’s new LEP employment zone framework came into effect on 26 April 2023 for all councils across NSW, with the exception of Canterbury-Bankstown Council. In summary, the new framework consolidates and renames the existing business and industrial zones. For more information, you can visit the Department’s website.

In relation to Canterbury-Bankstown Council, the Department is awaiting the approval of the Consolidated Local Environmental Plan prior to requiring Council to convert to the new framework. Council has until 26 April 2025 to complete this process. In the meantime, development applications and planning proposals will continue to refer to the existing business and industrial zones in the Bankstown LEP 2015 and Canterbury LEP 2012.



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