We issue certificates for development compliance, construction, occupation, zoning, flooding, swimming pools and so much more. development compliance construction occupation zoning swimming pools flooding canterbury bankstown We issue certificates for development compliance, construction, occupation, zoning, flooding, swimming pools and so much more. Planning; Development Certificates; Development Application Process; Development


The City of Canterbury Bankstown Council can offer the services of Building Surveyors and Development Engineers to undertake the certification of your building and subdivision work.

The following Application types can now be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal; Complying Development Certificates, Construction Certificates, Appointment of Council as Principal Certifier, Occupation Certificates and Subdivision Certificates.

There is more information from t​he NS​W Government.

Complying Development Certificate

A complying development certificate is combined planning and construction approval that complies with development standards identified in State Government Policy. Approval can be obtained with the lodgement of a complying development certificate application with Council or a pri​vate accredited certifier.

Construction Certificate

A construction certificate is an approval for building or subdivision works and is obtained after a development application has been approved. A construction certificate can be issued by Council or a private accredited certifier and ensures the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent and comply with the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards.

Principal Certifier

Once development consent and a construction certificate has been obtained, you need to appoint a Principal Certifier (PC) before the commencement of building or subdivision work. A PC can be Council or a private accredited certifier who undertakes inspections of the work, issues critical stage inspection reports, compliance certificates, subdivision certificates and occupation certificates.

Occupation Certificate

An occupation certificate is issued by the PC once the building works are suitable for occupation or use in accordance with its classification under the BCA.

Subdivision Certificate

A subdivision is issued by the PC once the subdivision work has been completed.

Building Certificate

A building certificate is a certificate of non-action which is obtained prior to the settlement of property or to remedy unauthorised works. A building certificate prevents Council from issuing certain types of orders for seven (7) years.

Building certificates are issued under 149A of the Environmental Planning Assessment Act 1979 which outlines their full effect.