Canterbury Town Centre upgrade

Canterbury Town Centre upgrade
Artist impression of Canterbury Road Upgrade
Work is underway on a $5.2 million upgrade of Canterbury Town Centre, aimed at improving the intersection at Charles Street and Roberts Street. Canterbury Town Centre Upgrade Work is underway on a $5.2 million upgrade of Canterbury Town Centre, aimed at improving the intersection at Charles Street and Roberts Street. Development

Canterbury Town Centre Upgrade Stage 2

As part of the 2020/21 Capital Works Plan, the Canterbury Town Centre Stage two upgrade worth $8.9M has commenced.

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Overview of Project

The project includes:

  •  Realignment of Canterbury Road, Close Street and Charles Street intersection to facilitate new traffic signals
  •  A slip lane from northbound Canterbury Road to Charles Street for safer turning from Canterbury Road onto Charles St
  •  Construction of dedicated right-hand turning lane from southbound Canterbury Road to Charles Street, a left turning lane from Close Street to Canterbury Road, and a right turning lane from Charles Street to Canterbury Road to allow safer right hand turning from Canterbury Road to Charles Street
  • New streetlights and paved footpaths for the safety of pedestrians
  • Undergrounding of overhead power lines
  • Upgrade of the Canterbury Road shared path underpass which falls along the Cooks River cycleway, this includes lowering and widening the path and installing lights. Adding convenience and increased foot and bike capacity to the shared path.

Creating liveable and distinctive town centres is a priority for the community and Council.

Investing in our town centres is about revitalising and activating our main streets. With the Canterbury Town Centre stage two upgrade, it’s about bringing new energy and excitement to Canterbury, and transforming it into a commercial, social and cultural heart of the City.

The intersection upgrades are essential for the safety of vehicles and pedestrians. The improvements will make turning at the intersection safer for vehicles and crossing the road easier for pedestrians.

The shared path underpass upgrade will improve accessibility and safety for pedestrians and cyclists using the Cooks River cycleway. The upgrade will provide greater clearance from the bridge and ample space for pedestrians and cyclists to use the path at the same time.

Precinct Overview

Map of the Canterbury works location

Intersection Upgrade

A drawing of the intersection update


 Underpass Upgrade


Current work notification

As part of the works to upgrade the Canterbury Town Centre and streetscape improvements some disruptions to traffic, power, water and pedestrian access will occur as part of the project of works. Detours around the works will guide commuters, pedestrians and cyclists will be in place to assist you to move around the site.

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Cooks River Shared Path Detour

Council has commenced work to upgrade the Canterbury Road shared path underpass. During the upgrade, the underpass will remain closed and Council recommends cyclists use the detour route outlined below.

The closure is expected to be in place until early 2023, when the newly upgraded underpass opens.

Bike Detour Map_with parking sq_120722-01.png

Council reviewed feedback from the original proposed shared path underpass detour route on the eastern side of Cooks River, which was available for feedback in 2021. Council appreciates the feedback received and has amended the proposed detour to a safer route on the western side of Cooks River as per the map above.

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