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Property Numbering frequently asked questions

How does Council allocate property numbers to dwellings?

Council issues all official property numbers within the Canterbury-Bankstown Local Government Area (LGA).

We are guided by our Property Numbering Policy and the NSW Addressing Policy and User Manual when allocating property numbers in our LGA.

When allocating property numbers, we use whole numbers in numerical order (e.g., 1, 3, 5; not 3, 1, 5). If multiple properties, such as strata units and unit blocks, are located on a single lot, we use sub-addressing to allocate unique property numbers (e.g., Shop 1/10, Shop 2/10, Unit 3/10, Unit 4/10).

How does Council inform property owners of their allocated property number/s?

We give property owners a property numbering letter that contains:

  • The allocation of the new number/s
  • A map/plan showing the location of the properties, the new numbers and street names
  • A property numbering information sheet

Can I choose my own property numbers?

Property owners cannot choose their own property numbers. Property numbers are allocated by Council.

Once I receive a property numbering letter for my subdivision from Council, can I request to change the numbering?

We do not change property numbers unless there is an error in the allocation of the numbering.

Why am I not able to get a number with a suffix for my Granny Flat?

Granny flats are considered a sub-property to the main property address. This means that they are not allocated their own property number.

The exception to this is corner blocks or dual frontage properties with service provision. In these cases, we will allocate the granny flat a number in sequence with the existing street.

How should property numbers be displayed?

It is a condition of the development consent for all new developments in Canterbury-Bankstown to display the property number we issue as per the property numbering letter and property numbering information sheet. This includes displaying property numbers:

  • At the front of each property
  • That are at least 65mm high
  • Upright and in a position that is easy to see from the road and footpath
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