Greening our City

Greening our City
Green foliage on a tree
Green Foliage on a Tree

The City of Canterbury Bankstown has been awarded almost $900,000 as part of the NSW Premier’s priority to increase tree canopy through the Greening our City Grants. The Greening our City Grants supports local councils to increase tree canopy and green cover by providing funding for tree planting across Sydney.

The below map highlights how the funding will be spent.

Black – proposed planting sites.
Blue – allocated trees.
Yellow – completed planting sites.


Cities are heating up partly due to hard concrete surfaces like footpaths, roads and buildings which retain heat. By increasing the tree canopy it can reduce surface temperatures by up to 15 degrees on a hot day.

This project is part of Council’s work to reduce heat in urban areas. By planting more trees on parks and roadsides, we can increase tree canopy to provide more shade and shelter from heat. Greening our City will also enhance local biodiversity and create canopy stepping-stones linking biodiversity corridors throughout the City.

Overall, more trees will help our City build a greater resilience against the effects of climate change.

What can you do?

We all have a part to play. Planting trees in your own yard is a great way to reduce the effects of urban heat. Every year Council offers free native plant seedlings to residents. You can find out more information on our Native Plant Giveaways here.

You can also report vandalised or dying trees to Council at or by calling 9707 9000.