Council Notices

Council Notices
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View current public notices via the latest Council Matters below. This information is also published in local newspapers. Council Notices View current public notices via the latest Council Matters below. This information is also published in local newspapers. News Columns; News and Updates
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Development Applications

In accordance with Canterbury-Bankstown Community Participation Plan, the following applications have been placed on public exhibition:

DA No.



Proposed Development​

Designated Development 

Comments Due

​Lot B DP 102973, Lot 101 DP 621988, No. 10-12 Wiggs Road, Riverwood
​Sokaz Pty Limited
​Construction of a warehouse building and use for the storage and distribution of wholesale goods.
​5pm 25 June 2024
​Lot X DP 386643, No. 138 Haldon Street, Lakemba
​Murad Khan
​Change of Use of Existing Butcher Shop to a Butcher with hot food take away.
​5pm 25 June 2024
​Lot 1 DP 602881, No. 2 Birmingham Avenue, Villawood
​CSR Building Products Limited.
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Partial demolition of existing structures and construction of a new building, use of the existing and new building for building product manufacturing, associated warehousing and signage.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION:  Remediation of asbestos-impacted soil via ‘capping’ of the material under the concrete slab of the approved development [s4.55(1A)].

​5pm 25 June 2024
​Lots B & C DP 30778, No. 149-163 Milton Street, Ashbury
​Ashbury Projects Pty Ltd
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT:  Demolition of all existing structures, removal of 57 trees, excavation, site remediation, civil works, new road, site landscaping and construction of two residential flat buildings and seven multi-dwelling housing buildings comprising 129 dwellings over a single level common basement for parking.
This application is an Integrated Development and requires approval from Water NSW under the Water Management Act 2000.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Alterations and additions to the approved development, including  modifications to the upper levels of Building C to create an additional part storey, minor internal changes to Building B and C, façade amendments, and a redesign of the communal landscape open space to allow for revised landscaping, a new pool and associated amenities. Amendments to the basement layout and services are also proposed, including to increase the carparking from 251 to 252 and increase to the bicycle spaces from 39 to 40 [Section 4.55(8)].
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 4 DP 595328, No. 20 Ashford Avenue, Milperra
​Velocity Vehicle Group Australia Pty Ltd
​Alterations and additions to existing vehicle repair station including  construction of new awnings, improved landscaping and stormwater infrastructure.
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 26 DP 635247, No. 40 Bryant Street, Padstow
​Trustee For Australia Silver Lake Gamma Unit Trust
​Demolition of all existing structures and construction of a multi-level industrial building comprising of fifty-two (52) industrial units with ancillary office spaces.
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lots 1 & 2 DP 23952 & Lot 21 DP 24323, No. 20-24 Parmal Avenue, Padstow
​Zed Architects Pty Ltd
​Demolition of existing structures, consolidation of three existing lots into one, and construction of a 4-storey in-fill affordable housing residential flat building development comprising 37 apartments and basement car parking.
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 21 Sec 3 DP 4784, No. 52 Dennis Street, Lakemba
​Ghazi Al Ali
​Demolition of existing structures and construction of a two-storey 64-place centre-based childcare facility with basement car parking for 13 vehicles, and 2 at-grade parking spaces.
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 6 DP 23540, Lot 7 DP 23540, No. 137-139 Birdwood Road, Georges Hall
​Artmade Architects
​Demolition of existing structures and construction of a two-storey centre-based child care facility for 80 children, with basement car parking for 20 vehicles.
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 2 DP 1224188, No. 205A Homer Street, Earlwood
​The Trustee For MKD Architects Trust.
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Alterations and additions to existing commercial tenancy and conversion to a 34-place centre-based child care facility
PROPOSED MODIFICATIONS: Increase the number of children from 34 to 40-places [Section 4.55(2)].
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 23 DP 30974, No. 77 Orchard Road, Bass Hill
​Janssen Group Pty Ltd
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Demolition of existing structures and construct a two storey Centre-Based Child Care Facility for 40 children and parking for 10 vehicles in a basement level.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Reconfigure and enlargement of the facility to cater for an additional 10 children and an additional 2 basement parking spaces [Section 4.56].
​5pm 2 July 2024
​Lot 96 DP 13506, No. 15 Clements Avenue, Bankstown
​Maggie Dan Fei Xu
​APPROVED DEVELOPMENT: Alterations and additions to the existing building for the use of the premises as a brothel.
PROPOSED MODIFICATION: Delete condition limiting operation to a 12 month trial period, to allow continued operation of the premises [Section 4.55(1A)].
​5pm 2 July 2024

​Submit your comments

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Recent determined development applications

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Tender & EOI Notifications

All current tenders and Expression of Interests (EOI) are listed below.

Important Information: Canvassing of Councillors or Council staff will disqualify prospective tenderers.​

Tender  No.

Tender Name


Briefing Details


​Development of Facilities Asset Management Plans
​2 July 2024
​Fore St - Raised Pedestrian and Bike Shared Crossing
​2 July 2024
​Waterworth Park Facility Upgrade
​Yes - Mandatory
​10am on 11 June 2024 at 2 Bayview Road, Earlwood (Waterworth Park)
​25 June 2024

The Electronic tender documents are available free of charge from

If you have any enquiries about current tender or EOI, contact;

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