Owning a pet

Owning a pet
Find out about responsible ownership of your pets as well as registering your animal where required by law. pets animals registration cats dogs impounding Find out about responsible ownership of your pets as well as registering your animal where required by law.  




Companion Animals Acthttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/companion-animals-actCompanion Animals ActYou have legal responsibilities if you want to have a pet in your home.
Enforcementhttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/enforcementEnforcementLocal councils are the authority responsible for implementing the Companion Animals legislation. Read about Council's responsibilities.
Injured and deceased animalshttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/injured-dead-animalsInjured and deceased animalsRead about procedures and policies in place if an animal becomes injured or passes away.
Pet problems and impoundinghttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/pet-problems-and-impoundingPet problems and impoundingRead about your requirements as a responsible pet owner.
Pets and the environmenthttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/pets-the-environmentPets and the environmentFind out how responsible pet ownership allows you to enjoy the natural environment in Canterbury-Bankstown.
Registering a pethttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/registering-a-petRegistering a petThe Companion Animals Act requires you to have your dog microchipped with a vet or animal welfare organisation.
Responsible cat ownershiphttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/responsible-cat-ownershipResponsible cat ownershipThe Companion Animals Act incorporates cats into legislation. Read about the guidelines for responsible cat ownership.
Responsible dog ownershiphttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/responsible-dog-ownershipResponsible dog ownershipRead about the guidelines for responsible dog ownership.
Restricted and dangerous dogshttps://cbcity.nsw.gov.au/resident/animals-pets/owning-a-pet/restricted-and-dangerous-dogsRestricted and dangerous dogsFind out about restricted breeds of dogs in the Canterbury-Bankstown area.