Responsible dog ownership

Responsible dog ownership
Dog on Leash
Read about the guidelines for responsible dog ownership. Responsible Dog Ownership canterbury bankstown As a responsible dog owner, following these guidelines you will ensure that you, your dog and the community can all enjoy the satisfaction and privilege of pet ownership.  
Dog on Leash


The Compani​on Animals Act requires you to have your dog microchipped at a veterinarian or animal welfare organisation, and then pay the lifetime registration fee.  

Responsible dog ownership involves:

  • Microchipping and ensuring ensuring your dog is wearing a collar and identification tag at all times;
  • Ensuring your dog is lifetime registered, which makes it easier to identify if it is lost;
  • Keeping your dog on a leash, unless in a designated off-leash area;
  • Keeping your dog securely within your premises, as they can do a lot of damage if unrestrained and unsupervised;
  • De-sexing your dog;
  • Collecting and disposing of dog faeces;
  • ​Protecting our wildlife by keeping control of your dog; and 
  • Taking care of and keeping your dog entertained to avoid excessive barking.

On the spot fines may apply to breaches of the legislation. See Council's ​Enforcement  page for more information.

Dog o​ff-leash areas

We have a range of pet friendly parks for dogs to run freely.

More information

Read more about responsible dog ownership at Office of Local Go​vernment website.