Restricted and dangerous dogs

Restricted and dangerous dogs
Find out about restricted breeds of dogs in the Canterbury-Bankstown area. Restricted Dangerous Dogs canterbury bankstown Certain breeds of dog are deemed to be dangerous. So as to not to put anyone at risk, the NSW government restricts their ownership.  

​​​​​In NSW, there are several breeds of dog which are on a Restricted Breeds list. Lots of people keep dogs to protect their homes, which is fine unless they become a threat to the community.

You must notify Council within 24 hours if a dog attacks a person or an animal other than vermin. You should also notify us if you believe that a dog is a danger or a menace.​

The links below allow owners to access information about Restricted, Dangerous and Menacing Dogs in NSW:

For more information, contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.
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