Private works on roads

Private works on roads
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All private works in a public road (including footways) must obtain specific Council approval. Private Works Roads canterbury bankstown All private works in a public road (including footways) must obtain specific Council approval. Works and Projects; Roads and Footpaths; Development
Photo of Road Lines

​​This page covers all works that need to be done in the road, whether this is by local companies, residents or Council.

Work permits

Council's authority for management of the road network is through the Roads Act 1993. The Act requires all private works in a public road (including footways) to obtain specific Council approval. A Work Permit process is the mechanism used for applications and necessary approvals.

A Work Permit covers the following matters:

  • Street boundary alignment levels;
  • Design and specifications for construction of a vehicular footway crossing;
  • Footway damage report (associated with building works);
  • Stormwater drainage works including stormwater connections (to pipes/kerb & gutter); and 
  • Road opening permits for public utility service connections.​

Vehicular footway crossings/driveway property access

Under the Roads Act 1993, a vehicular crossing (being private works) is the responsibility of the property owner. Properly constructed crossings are encouraged as damage caused to a footway because of the lack of a crossing or by virtue of an unauthorised crossing may attract a penalty. Your driveway must comply with standards!

Council's Vehicular Footway Crossings Policy establishes guidelines for the construction, widening, reconstruction and maintenance of vehicular crossings.

The design and specification covered by the application fee provides construction standards and levels.

In the case of new home, an early application of a Work Permit for a crossing will help ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in the approval to construct.​

A Work Permit Application Form should be submitted at Council's Customer Service Centre prior to commencement of works.

For more information and access to the relevant forms, go to the Road​s and Infrastructure Forms page.

More information 

For more information, go to Council's Roads and Infrastructure Forms page.


If you have any questions that remain unanswered, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on ​9707 9000.​

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