Unregistered or abandoned vehicles

Unregistered or abandoned vehicles
Abandoned Vehicle
Unregistered vehicles cannot be kept on Council property. Unregistered vehicle collection ​Vehicles that do not have current registration must not be kept on Council property (ie. on the nature strip or road).  

Council can investigate reports of vehicles (including boats and trailers) appear to have been abandoned by their owner or are unregistered and parked in a public place.  However, vehicles on private property are managed by the land owner/occupier.

Before reporting an abandoned vehicle to Council, it is reccomended you check if the vehicle is registered online via the  
Service NSW website under 'Check a vehicle registration'

Unregistered vehicles

It is illegal to have an unregistered vehicle on a road or road-related area. Council officers, however are not authorise to deal with matters concerning the registration status of vehicles and these concerns should be raised with Police.

Claims of ownership

If the owner of a vehicle comes forward and claims ownership, the vehicle is no longer considered 'abandoned'. 

Council is then unable to remove the vehicle, except in cases where it is poses a danger to pedesitrians and other road users.


For more information, or to report an abandoned vehicle, contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.​ ​