Unregistered or unattended vehicles

Unregistered or unattended vehicles
Abandoned Vehicle
Unregistered vehicles cannot be kept on Council property. Unregistered vehicle collection ​Vehicles that do not have current registration must not be kept on Council property (ie. on the nature strip or road).  

Council can investigate reports of vehicles (including boats and trailers) that appear to have been left unattended by their owner or are unregistered and parked in a public place.  However, vehicles on private property are managed by the land owner/occupier.

Before reporting an unattended vehicle to Council, it is reccomended you check if the vehicle is registered online via the  
Service NSW website under 'Check a vehicle registration'

The new Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021 commenced on 1 November 2022.

These new laws revoke and replace the outdated Impounding Act 1993 to create stronger incentives for people to take responsibility for their property in public.

Council can investigate reports of items, including vehicles, shopping trolleys and other items that appear to have been left unattended in public places. Council, depending on the circumstances and outcome of the investigation, may take possession of these items.

Council will not enforce, issue penalties, or take possession of all unattended property in public. In responding to these complaints, Council must balance public safety and amenity with the available resources and competing priorities.

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For more information, or to report an unattended vehicle, contact our Customer Service Centre on 9707 9000.​ ​

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