Fire safety

Fire safety
Photo of a Smoke Alarm
It’s imperative our community use smoke alarms and take precaution relating to fire safety matters and preventing bushfires. Fire Safety It’s imperative that our community utilises smoke alarms and takes precaution in terms of other fire safety matters and in preventing bushfires.  




Bushfire protection protectionFires can occur in extreme weather conditions. If you live near bushland, be aware of what you can do to protect your home and adjoining properties.
Essential fire safety measures fire safety measuresRead about what parts and types of buildings require essential fire safety measures.
Fire safety upgrading of buildings safety upgrading of buildingsFire safety is important to ensure the safety of the lives of persons who reside, work, or visit buildings in our City.
Smoke alarms in your home alarms in your homeSmoke alarms save lives - and they're inexpensive and easy to install.