Pest and weed control

Pest and weed control
Photo of an asthma weed
We can help you identify and manage weeds that may affect your health. Pest Weed Control canterbury bankstown Weeds contain chemicals that will affect your health, and the health of the living things in your backyard. We can help you identify them so that you can take steps to manage weeds.  




Water weeds weedsHave you seen these plants? Report them to Council’s biosecurity officer on 9707 9000.
Wasps you have identified a colony of wasps that are of a concern to you then then responsibility of controlling them will be dependent on where they are located.
Feral Rabbit control program Rabbit control programIn urban areas, a combination of traditional control techniques and biological control help reduce feral rabbit populations.
Fox control program control programThe City of Canterbury Bankstown has joined a regional integrated fox management program.
Weeds simple steps you can take to stop the spread of weeds across Canterbury-Bankstown.