Anti-dumping programs

Anti-dumping programs
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We all want to live in clean and green streets, which is why illegal dumping is a concern for both residents and Council. If you dump, the chances of getting caught are greater than ever. Anti-dumping programs We all want to live in clean and green streets, which is why illegal dumping is a concern for both residents and Council. If you dump, the chances of getting caught are greater than ever. Illegal dumping; Waste and Recycling; Dumped rubbish

​Eyes On It

Our Eyes On It campaign targets illegal dumping behaviour in our area, letting residents know that putting items on the street without a Booked Clean Up is illegal and fines up to $4000 apply.

In three phases in 2019, over a total of 16 weeks, we rolled out our anti-dumping campaign across Canterbury Bankstown. The Eyes On It campaign resulted in 6,768 illegal dumps being taped, reported and removed. We saw a 39% reduction over the year as a result of the campaign activities. We have measured a campaign reach of 3.5 million people and our residents continue to be our eyes, with 5,742 reports of illegal dumps from the community this year. Residents can report illegal dumping through or arrange a Booked Clean Up with Council online or find out more about at local reuse opportunities

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Eyes On It

98 per cent of residents have told us in surveys, they want to live in a clean and green city and see illegal dumpers caught. So, we're continuing the fight against illegal dumping, with a number of community groups taking part our largest anti-dumping campaign - Eyes On It.

Council and Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) officers will be joined by members of Environment@Lakemba, Chester Hill Environment Group and Cleaner Greener Riverwood, patrolling streets in search of illegally dumped rubbish. Any dumped.

Putting items out without a Booked Council Clean Up is illegal and fines of up to $4,000 can be issued.

Report it

Council officers cannot be everywhere all the time, so we rely on residents to be our eyes and ears in the community.

If you see anyone dumping unwanted material on the streets, in bushland or industrial areas, please report it! Information provided by residents, often leads to the successful prosecution of offenders.

Fines of up to $4,000 for individuals and $8,000 for corporations apply.   

Reports can be made:

  • To Council either Online or by calling 9707 9000 (Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5pm) or
  • To the NSW EPA through RID Online​ or calling 131 555.

Get rid of it right

You can get rid of larger household items by:

Ongoing surveillance

Council officers work day and night to monitor local streets, car parks, rear lanes, industrial streets and bushland areas, where illegal dumping occurs. They use a range of techniques to catch dumpers, including surveillance equipment, increasing the ability to monitor more places each day. 

Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) squad

The Sydney Regional Illegal Dumping Squad (RID) is a joint initiative, co-funded with the NSW EPA. The squad operates out of Bankstown and covers eight council areas. Council works with the RID squad to identify, investigate and prosecute dumpers.

RID in Partnership

RID in Partnership is a highly visible, high intensity enforcement campaign, targeting dumping hotspots in residential areas.  A trial program, with 300 units in Bankstown, showed identifying and investigating dumpings can reduce incidents in the weeks and months following.

The City of Canterbury Bankstown acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, water and skies of Canterbury-Bankstown, the Darug (Darag, Dharug, Daruk, Dharuk) People. We recognise and respect Darug cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land. We acknowledge the First Peoples’ continuing importance to our CBCity community.