Bin collection days

Bin collection days
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Find out how to use your bins and what to do if there is a service issue. household Bin Waste Collection Calendars Canterbury Bankstown missed bin stolen damaged missing Find out how to use your bins and what to do if there is a service issue.  

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Household bin collection

Your red lidded rubbish bin is emptied weekly and your yellow lidded recycling and green lidded garden cuttings bins are emptied on alternating weeks.
To find your bin collection day please click here

​​​​Missed services ​

If your rubbish, recycling or garden waste bin was not emptied on your scheduled collection day, call 9707 9000 or submit an online request here. ​

Waste collection day

To find your bin collection day please click here

Bin placement responsibilities​

With thousands of bins to collect every week, it's important we work together to ensure things run smoothly. 

You can assist us by: 

  • Placing your bins on the kerb as late as possible the night before your scheduled collection;
  • Placing your bins in a position so the truck can collect them easily – that means with the wheels away from the kerb and with a 30cm gap between the bins; and
  • Removing your bins from the kerb as soon as possible after collection.
 Overflowing, overweight or incorrectly placed bins will not be collected.

Damaged or missing bins

If your bin goes missing, have a look around your street and check with your neighbours. If you can’t find it or it’s damaged (e.g. broken lid or wheel, cracked body), report it here

Getting an extra bin for your household

Some households may be eligible for an additional red lidded rubbish b​in. To be considered, you will need to demonstrate you are using the existing waste and recycling services as effectively as possible. Applicants are individually assessed by the Waste Operations Team and the service incurs an additional fee.
If your yellow recycling or green garden cuttings bins regularly fill up, you can apply for an additional bin, without an additional assessment. However, an additional fee will be incurred for the service.
You can complete and submit an ap​​​plication form at any time.

More information

To find out more on sorting waste for coloured bins, go to the Which ru​bbis​h goes where?​ page. 

For more information on the household bin service, call 9707 9000.​​​

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