Booking a household clean-up

Booking a household clean-up
Booked household cleanup
Responsibly book a collection of your unwanted bulky household rubbish. Pre-booked Council clean-up canterbury bankstown booking a household clean-up This service allows residents to easily dispose of items that do not fit in the red or green bins. You can arrange a household clean-up up to twice per year. Pre-Booked Household Cleanup; Waste and Recycling; Rubbish
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Arranging a Bulky Waste Clean-Up

If you have unwanted bulky household items that aren't accepted in your household bin service, you have the opportunity to book a bulky waste clean-up. Items such as bundled and tied garden cuttings, furniture, whitegoods and other household items that are boxed or bagged are accepted for collection.

Unacceptable materials including spikey or sharp vegetation, mirrors or glass panes, chemicals or hazardous waste will not be collected and could lead to further dumped rubbish that you will be required to remove.

Each households can put out three cubic metres (3m3) of waste for each collection. That’s a pile three metres wide by one metre high and one metre deep. An increase of one cubic metre for many households.

Bookings from apartment blocks with six (6) or more units need to be made by a caretaker, building manager or the strata on behalf of the whole building. Individual residents will need to contact their building manager to request a booking. The building manager will coordinate the collection date and will let you know where to put your items.

Advance bookings are essential.  Some periods are busier than others, particularly around summer so the wait times may be longer. Please allow up to three weeks.

How many Clean-Ups do I get?

I live in a house, townhouse, or building with 5 or fewer units.

  • You get 2 free Bulky Waste Clean-Ups per calendar year.
  • Each Clean-Up can be up to 3m3 in volume.
  • You can use both Clean-Ups for one Double Booking of 6m3.

I live an apartment building or complex with more than 6 units.

  • Buildings with 6-49 units get 4 free Clean-Ups per year.
  • Buildings with 50+ units get 6 free Clean-Ups per year.
  • Each unit can place out up to 3m3 for each Clean-Up.
  • Talk to your strata rep or residents committee about your next Clean-Up.

How To Make A Booking

You can arrange your Booked Clean-Up

​I live in a house, duplex or unit block with up to five (5) units​I live in a unit block with six (6) or more units

1. Call 9707 9000 or

​​Book in a clean-up

​1. Contact your building’s authorised representative to organise a booking for you and the whole building.
​2. Set a reminder for your collection date. Review the information provided for preparing your items for collection.​2. Follow instructions from your authorised representative* for how, where and when to put your items out for collection.
​3. The night before your collection date, put your items on the kerb neatly and safely. Attach the confirmation sticker and/or write your reference number on the items.*This is usually your strata manager, but can be anyone authorised to book for the whole building, such as a member of your residents’ committee. Check your building noticeboard for contact details.  

How Do You Give Your Items Another Life?

Before putting items out for collection think about whether you can donate or recycle them.  You can also re-home good quality unwanted items through our partnership with The Bower.

We can collect:

  • Electronics: televisions, computers, heaters, lamps, fans, etc.
  • Furniture: lounges, chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, etc.
  • White goods and appliances: fridges, washers, dryers, microwaves, etc.
  • Household items: pots, pans, toys, ornaments, etc.
  • Flooring material: rugs, carpets, etc. Small quantities from a single room only. Must be cut to 1m length and tied.
  • Garden cuttings: branches, plants, clippings, twigs etc. Must be less than 15 cm in diameter. Must be cut to 1m length and tied into bundles.


We can't collect the following items:

(This is not a complete list and similar items may be rejected by the collection crews.)

Toxic poisonous, or flammable items

  • Asbestos;
  • Batteries - all sizes;
  • Paint (including empty cans);
  • Garden, pool and cleaning chemicals;
  • Medical waste, sanitary products and nappies;
  • Cooking and motor oils;
  • Gas tanks and pressurised cans; and
  • Fire extinguishers.

Large or heavy items

  • Large hot water heaters;
  • Garage roller doors;
  • Building refuse (bricks, tiles, concrete and cement, bath tubs, etc);
  • Large amounts of cabinetry - a kitchen renovation;
  • Rocks, soil, tree stumps, roots and branches over 15cm in diameter; and
  • Any car parts and tyres.

Sharp and spikey items

  • Spikey cuttings (palm fonds, cacti).
  • Fence or wood panels with exposed nails
  • Any glass or mirror (intact or broken) including windows, doors, pool fencing or part of furniture (tabletop, dressing table mirror, cabinet doors).

Business, commercial and renovation waste

  • Any construction, demolition or renovation waste created through a commercial arrangement (contracted builder).
  • Any material generated by a business (shop fittings, garden cuttings, paper/cardboard, food, etc).

Small, loose and spillable items

  • Bean bags;
  • Foam/styrofoam (white packing blocks/beads);
  • Loose or poorly bagged/boxed items; and
  • General household garbage.


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