Cloth Nappies and Reusable Period Products

Cloth Nappies and Reusable Period Products
Cloth nappy options
Using cloth nappies or reusable feminine hygiene products is a great way to reduce your waste and save money. Using cloth nappies or reusable feminine hygiene products is a great way to reduce your waste and save money. Waste and Recycling; Resident
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Real stories, real people

​“Switching to period underwear has taken the stress away by not having to think about changing pads or tampons all day.”
- Corinne

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​“Using cloth nappies for my son has saved me thousands and made me happy to not contribute as much to our landfill problem.”
- Kate

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Cloth nappies

Modern cloth nappies are becoming more mainstream, with products designed to be easy to use, easy to wash and easy to wear. They’re extremely absorbent and don’t require changing any more regularly than disposables (approximately every three hours). They come in various styles, types, sizes and brands. It’s a good idea to try different types to see what might suit you best.

Cloth nappies are most accessible from online stores, many of which are manufactured in Australia. Overseas imports can vary in quality however some brands rate extremely well with consumers.

Feminine hygiene products

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, you can choose between cloth pads, menstrual cups or period underwear. Many products are now available in retail stores and supermarkets.

Where can I find out more?

For more detailed information, download our booklet.

Watch these informative videos (with thanks to WSROC for their permission to use the content):

• Cloth nappy styles
• Ways to use cloth nappies on a newborn
• How to fit a cloth nappy
• Cloth nappy FAQs

Online communities like Cloth Nappy Reviews and Support are a good place to get real and clear advice for both nappies and cloth pads/period underwear. 

Clean Cloth Nappies offer evidence-based washing recommendations. Some brands suggest less than desirable washing advice so online groups can help you choose brands that can withstand a thorough washing routine.

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