Smart Tank


Smart Tank project 

The Smart Tank program provided a budget of $350,000 for investment in 'Smart City' projects. Projects were selected that met four criteria:

  • Research, experimentation, and testing of solutions to a challenge a CBCity department/team faced;
  • Being alignment with our 12 Smart CBCity principles;
  • Collaboration across units; and
  • Using technology, connectivity or data as an enabler to solve a challenge that will provide a real improvement to our community.

The goal of the Smart Tank program was to create and deliver an internal seed funding or grant program to accelerate the adoption of smart cities thinking and assist in delivering real improvement to our customers.

Twenty-eight teams applied for the program. Through a competitive process, five projects were selected to go ahead.


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​Less is More

The Less is More project team developed a plan to streamline and digitise internal processes within City of Canterbury Bankstown's Childcare Services. It was identified, through an internal audit, that processes were often highly manual and labour intensive. The Less is More project will explore new technology and electronic processes where forms and formats can be completed electronically, to increase efficiency and improve services for the community and our customers in Council's Childcare Services.

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iSmart Service

A need has been identified for somebody to greet customers as they enter our Customer Service centres. The iSmart Service seeks to improve customer service by offering an efficient and customer-focussed digital 'concierge' at our Customer Service centres.

Customer Service currently has no data behind the number of 'walk-in' enquiries received, or the number of services offered, potential services that may be required within the area or ways to identify peak periods throughout the year.

iSmart will also reduce wait times during busier periods and during lunchtimes, and help manage service in the case of an emergency.

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Project Rosetta Stone

Our City has a widely diverse population, with residents representing 129 nationalities and 200 language groups. Over 60% of residents speak a language other than English at home. This poses a great challenge when communicating, and engaging with our community. Project Rosetta Stone will look at exploring potential real-time translation devices to help CBCity improve communication with residents and position Council as an industry leader in the field of best practice communication and engagement.

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e-CBDigital will explore the use of technology to reduce the cost and risk associated with governance, while also meeting corporate record-keeping guidelines for Council's Governance team, with the potential to go paperless across Council.

Council's Governance team identified a range of efficiencies that can be created in their processed, including saving on the cost of paper and document storage, reducing the risk of loss and increasing security and resolving any possible non-compliance with the State Records Act.

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​Sharing is Caring

Council's Asset Management team has identified an opportunity to be more creative in the delivery of information to residents. Sharing is Caring will use mapping tools to create a user-friendly platform for internal and external stakeholders to retrieve desired information effectively. Sharing is Caring will implement the use of data to create awareness of existing Council resources, increase accessibility, create a culture of data sharing and allowing our customers to access and visualise data more effectively.


Smart Tank project Smart Tank project 

Smart Tank project