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Customer Service Request Form
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Submit your enquiry by clicking the link to open the Report It form. Please provide as much information as possible.

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  • In order for Council to investigate your issue in a timely manner, obtain further information, or to provide you with an update on your request we will need your contact details. Please note that Council has an obligation to keep your details protected under the NSW privacy act and all details of customers who report issues are not disclosed.​​
  • Enter all phone numbers using 10 digits. E.g. 0297079700
  • Please submit only one category per request.
  • When entering an address start with the number. Enter the full street type, e.g. Avenue not Ave.​

You can also contact us anytime, any day by calling 9707 9000 or during business hours by visiting one of our Customer Service Centres at Bankstown or Campsie.​​​​

During this busy time missed bins will be collected within 3-4 day after being reported.


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After clicking the SUBMIT button allow up to 30 seconds for your request to be registered and a unique Request Number to be displayed. Record this Request Number and quote it when contacting Council.​

PRIVACY - Personal informa​tion requested by this form is needed for registration and will on​ly be used for that purpose.  The information is held by council and access is restricted to council officers and other authorised people. You may apply to access or amend the information. Refer to cb.c​ity/​privacy​ for details.​​​